Alessandro Munge


Blessed with an inquisitive nature and a fundamental drive to connect with people on the purest level, Alessandro Munge combines these traits with more than 20 years of experience in design to create spaces that deeply resonate. It was at a young age, while dreaming up his own creations for his mother’s drapery business, that he witnessed the power that design has to provoke profound emotion. Rapidly transcending his teenage sketches to become one of Canada’s most sought-after interior designer, Alessandro founded in 1997 award-winning Studio Munge resolute with a desire to reimagine the sector through concept-driven narratives.

“Our responsibility is to give unique design solutions that are right and relevant. There is no formula that will force us to do the same thing over and over because in my world I call that insanity.”

As a global design leader and the charismatic principal to a team of over fifty, Alessandro continues to rise and expand his skill set perfecting both design architecture and furniture design while strengthening his ties to a host of top-tier hospitality brands and clients.

Joy Chia

Director of Operations

It was through her love and appreciation for culture, architecture and the fine arts that first drew Joy to the world of design. As our Director of Operations, she finds the perfect balance between understanding the human aspect of architecture and the analytical business of design. Attributing to her success at Studio Munge, Joy completed a degree in both architecture and economics from the University of Toronto. A witness to the growth and capabilities of our dynamic team, Joy has dedicated 15 years of her career to guiding our future through her business knowledge and expertise.

“Even in my 15th year, I learn something new every day. It’s amazing to see the incredible new opportunities that arise and endless possibilities our studio can explore.”

While always providing the highest level of customer service and managing client relationships, her role has evolved to also overseeing the administration and finance departments while ensuring a sense of unity within Studio Munge.

Kristan Klassen

Procurement Manager

Throughout her career in New York and Toronto, Kristan offers 15 years of experience as an FF&E Designer and team lead. Her passion and dedication to design elevates projects to simultaneously exude luxury and comfort. As Studio Munge’s Procurement Manager, her expertise offers the combined insight into the design process and a complex understanding of procurement and purchasing. Essential to the success of high scale hospitality and residential projects, Kristan specializes in building and maintaining strong client and supplier relationships to ensure the design intent is actualized. To manage budgets and implement realistic scheduling timelines, Kristan applies her proficient problem-solving skills to every project. In addition, she works closely with the Designers in the development of prototyping to a guarantee that each custom design upholds Studio Munge’s dedication to excellence.

“Procurement is essential to completing any project. It merges the designer’s vision with the practicality of the end user and their daily needs. It’s so rewarding to see these two elements work seamlessly together.”

Grace Zeppilli

GZ Art Co. Art Consultant

Collaborating with leading designers and artists on retail, corporate, hospitality and residential properties, Grace brings her inherent sense of style to each project she undertakes, enhancing the furnishings and finishings of a space with art and accessories to achieve a designer’s ultimate vision. Believing that ‘art is the soul of a room’, Grace works with both emerging and established artists to create environments that draw people in and evoke emotion.