At Studio Munge, we bring our imagination to life. We think beyond our spatial limitations. Our design process is motivated through storytelling and problem solving our way through concept-driven designs. Our spaces are soulful, purposeful, and immersive. Together, we foster our creativity. Together, we realize a shared imagination.



  • Overseeing overall studio project schedule, consisting of over 40 active projects in different phases
  • Leading the planning and implementation of project, including project resource allocation
  • Monitoring project hours (budget, usage, time sheet entries, contracts) using Ajera software
  • Outsource (rendering, drawing production) coordination and contract management
  • Managing project list (staying within budget, monitoring project phase projections against staff schedule and allocated hours)
  • Reviewing employee projections against project reports
  • Reviewing staff overtime weekly (make adjustments accordingly; monitor costs & task appropriateness)
  • Weekly review of project process with project leads, keeping on track of profitability and generating extra scopes as needed (including negotiation scopes with client and following through with authorization and additional project number requirements)
  • Producing monthly project progress reports for the management team
  • Managing/updating allotted hours log for staff for all projects
  • Implementing and managing project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs
  • Reviewing current projects against completion dates and forecast pipeline and timing
  • Reviewing internal methods and process to ensure efficient use of time and resources including development and utilization of technology for internal and external use



  • 7 years of relevant interior design experience
  • 4 years of operational and studio leadership experience in a mid-sized (50-100 person) studio
  • Experience managing resources plans and status updates for up to 40 projects in different stages
  • Experience writing/negotiating contracts, RFPs and change orders
  • Time management and organizational skills, ability to set priorities and manage multiple project schedules
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work with diverse staff