Silk kimono fabrics juxtaposed with sleek black leather, polished concrete floors reflected by hand-hewn wood plank ceiling installations – balance through contrast – is the defining philosophy that gives form to the transcendent dining experience at Amé. Not only did Studio Munge travel afar to source Amé’s building materials, the design team also traveled to major metropolitan design centers including London, Milan, and New York City to observe firsthand the essentials and dynamics of contemporary Japanese-inspired cuisine.

"Amé is undeniably one of the sexiest dining adventures in Toronto. Hidden on Mercer Street, it is an emporium of neo-Japanese chic and eastern exoticism."


“One of the most spectacularly designed restaurants in all of Toronto; Amé is a feast for the eyes. From the beautiful bar area to the unbelievable private dining room, Amé's décor is something to behold.”
– Yelp Review

“You walk in, and it's like you're brought into this new world.”
– Yelp Review

“With its jaw-dropping Kill Bill interior, stylized primo tableware, and good-looking staff, this sexy Japanese fusion newcomer is like a Lamborghini Countach.”
– Yelp Review

“Honestly, the decor and ambiance at Amé are amazing. The way the place is done up is absolutely beautiful - just going there is an experience in of itself.”
– Yelp Review

“Amé is one of my top picks to have a unique dining experience. The restaurant's decor is impressive boasting wood finishes throughout.”
– Yelp Review


  • Interior Design - Commercial, Honourable Mention | Design Exchange Awards

  • Here comes the Rain again: a peek inside Guy and Michael Rubino’s Amé | Toronto Life