Los Angeles

Park Hyatt Spa L.A.

In the Spring of 2019, Los Angeles’ most iconic city centre will be home to the newly built Park Hyatt Spa; the epitome of rest and relaxation. Studio Munge’s narrative captures the natural coastal elements creating an ethereal embrace and sense of place. As the ascension into tranquility and rejuvenation begins in the reception area, guests will appreciate a translucent hand-woven silk screen detailing contemporary rippling water. Complimenting the oceanic tones of blue and jade, a grouping of custom designed glass nesting tables and shelves create a holistic and purposeful retail environment. The spa offers Park Hyatt guests and local wellness enthusiasts alike private massage rooms, a calming treatment bathtub, a sauna and steam room, bridal suites and a beauty salon. Engaging the sense through an extensive wellness offering and soothing design, the Park Hyatt Spa is an escape from the bustling movement of downtown Los Angeles.