The INK Entertainment empire has unleashed Rebel, a seductively intoxicating creature and Canada’s new reference in nightlife entertainment. At the edge of downtown, Toronto Rebel Nightclub breathes life into Port Lands district. The revolutionary design incorporates a fashionable black and gold colour scheme, contemporary animalistic patterns and subversive graphics to stimulate a sensual journey through Toronto`s most electrifying club. Expansive LED walls illuminate the 45,000 square foot adult playground and dramatize views of the skyline. Captivating the dance floor below is an unparalleled 32-foot synchronized rotating light system that mesmerizes the tantric movement of dancers below. Studio Munge has created a visually striking platform not only for the guests and headliners to commune but to elevate their collective experience to new heights of hedonism.

"Rebel is a new sultry, luxurious nightclub that is rich with ornamental detail spanning a huge 45,000 square feet. The 65-foot main stage is accompanied by huge LEDs dominated by a massive overhead lighting installation that transforms with the music."

Best of Toronto

"I turn the 6 upside down, it’s a 9 now"


"Rebel takes things to a whole new level and beyond. It's like Vegas/Miami/NYC all wrapped up in one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen... revolutionizing the Club industry once again."
- Google Review

"Awed by the decor, lighting, and layout of the club...The laser lighting in the club is out of this world. We had never seen anything like it."
- TripAdvisor Review

"The venue definitely takes clubbing to the next level in Toronto."
- Yelp Review


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