9 ways restaurants will look different in 2018

Experts sound off the trends redefining the dining experience

Restaurant design seems like it’d be one of those topics that appeals only to industry insiders or those who want to location-scout for their Instagram posts. But there’s a good reason to be in the loop: The decor trends you see now in “hot” restaurants are the ones you’ll see in your living room in the coming years.

Besides, the overall look of a restaurant’s interior actually does impact the experience of dining out. An interesting plate can enhance a thoughtfully assembled dish, dark materials can make a space seem cozier and seating upholstered in luxuriously soft fabrics can make you feel briefly like a member of the 1 percent.

We get the scoop from the experts on what 2018 has in store for restaurant design

Paneling Is Back

“The elements of wood and stone will dominate over manufactured metal, glass and ceramics, which we use as subtle accents. . . . At Leuca, the rich oak wood paneling is illuminated by soft cove lighting and custom-designed sconces wrapping the room in a red amber glow, both unexpected and comforting. KŌST, which just opened in Toronto atop the luxury hotel Bisha, is another great example. Featuring extensive white oak wood paneling complemented by exotic marbles in shades of jade, peach and ivory, our dining room is modern yet inviting with a bright and relaxed atmosphere.” –  the interior design team for Leuca at The William Vale


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