Find the Secret Bookcase To Enter This New Lounge

Art and surprises await inside Camden Cocktail Lounge

Future drinkers at the Palms’ new Camden Cocktail Lounge might have a tough time finding the front door, disguised as a bookcase lined with novels.

The new lounge, operated by Clique Hospitality, features three rooms inside meant to evoke a modern library with eight bookcases lining the walls. Bronze accents and charcoal velvets decorate the lounge that features a ceiling with a collection of black and gold glass pebbles in mirrored, matte, and frosted finishes hanging a varying heights.

Next door sits a high-limit room with its own bar and a gaming room with an official casino cage.

Like all that was revealed during the Palms’ relaunch, part of a $620 million renovation of the property west of the Strip, Camden has its own art collection, including an original neon script by Olivia Steele titled All I Ever Wanted Was Everything. The neon script hums above the glass bar.

Artist Richard Prince’s Nurse in Las Vegas and Las Vegas Nurse paintings line the walls on either side of the main bar. Both feature nurses donning caps with their mouths covered by surgical masks.

The gaming rooms offer their own art collections, including the Sun Disc sculpture by Damien Hirst and a piece by Andy Warhol. British artist Hirst also created the look at the Palms’ new Unknown Bar, where a 13-foot tiger shark, caught by a fisherman in Australia, sits in three segments of steel and glass tanks, preserved in formaldyhyde. The bar gets its name from the artwork, dubbed The Unknown (Explored, Explained, Exploded) from 1999.

Designer Alessandro Munge created the playful design of the space.

Written by Susan Stapleton for Eater Las Vegas