Hello Madrina!

Distillery District's New Spot

Ahhhh, Madrina, we’ve been waiting for you. A Catalan tapas bar in the Distillery District? I think you could say that’s a pretty solid addition. Tell the chefs to fire up the grills, ovens, stoves, fire pits, whatever they need, because Curiocity will be coming in for that entire menu and we’re pretty sure we’re bringing Toronto with us.

From the founders of El Catrin and Cluny, two of the staples of the Distillery District, Madrina is going to be a no-brainer for anyone who strolls through the neighbourhood with an empty stomach. We could tell you about the poached and seared duck egg in Madrina’s Huevos Estrellados Con Chorizo, but since we don’t know what half those words are we’ll just show it to you!

And if that doesn’t get you going then how ‘bout some meat? What kind of meat? Well, does that really matter when it looks as good as this? Just kidding, that’s some Iberian ham and it’s probably so tasty that your knees will buckle right when you taste it, so be sure to have a seat.

Speaking of seats, have you seen such delightful décor? This looks like the absolute perfect spot for us to sit back and enjoy gaining a couple waist sizes while devouring the entire menu. Tapas gains are the best gains.

Thirsty? Good. Here’s a pitcher of Sangria for you to down. Oh, and if you finish the whole thing in under ten minutes you get the next one free. Did we just make that up? Probably. But even with the slight chance that it’s true you might as well give it a shot.

So if you’re looking to hit up the Distillery District anytime soon we’ve got to say that this is absolutely the spot you’ve got to check out. See you at Madrina Bar, Toronto. We’ll save you a seat.