Design + Art: King Blue Presentation Gallery

The King Blue Presentation Gallery merges Art + Design for CODAworx!


The King Blue Presentation Centre is nestled away from the assuming eye on the ground floor of one of Toronto’s proud heritage buildings. Studio Munge’s strikingly bold design reflects the fashionable new residences developed by the Greenland Group, one of China’s most prominent real estate companies. The design features an opulent journey through sleek marble floors and lavish black wood panels leading into a bright rotunda with elevated ceilings, encircling a complex 3D model of the soon-to-be-landmark development. A stimulating and graphic movement of text animates the reflective mirrored entrance, a lavish and captivating glance of Toronto’s future residence.


Incorporating a creative element was important to the overall design of the presentation gallery as to symbolize a dimension of modernity and energy, elements that emanate from the surrounding Toronto Entertainment District. At the entrance of the presentation gallery, the walls ceilings are encased in reflective jet-black glass which perform as the perfect canvas for the original artwork as dynamic words pierce through the depths of the blackness through brilliant white backlighting. As the surrounding glass reflects the text in every direction, words overlap and shift into an infinity of expression leading the guest experience into the rotunda. The impactful contrast between the white script and sleek surface it shines through creates an empowering sense of futuristic modernity.


The original concept for an artistic light form was developed by Studio Munge, however finalizing the specific text was a collaboration with Montana Steele Advertising Inc. Through a short briefing of the project goals, it was communicated by the designer that the text should connect with the culturally versed, fashion-forward Toronto urbanite. Montana Steele selected words that would be memorable and influential which were reviewed alongside the designer.


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