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室內設計是一種生活方式的表達。各設計師的作品可能在美學語言上有所不同,但都致力於追求生活的品質和精緻的細節。加拿大設計公司Studio Munge以獨有的美學語言,為世界上一些最具標誌性的奢侈品牌和頂級全球開發商帶來了蓬勃生機。成功的原因是他們有一位迷人的老總世界室內設計排名TOP100的老總。

Interior design is a way of expressing life. The works of the designers may differ in their aesthetic language, but they are all committed to the quality of life and the fine details. The Canadian design firm Studio Munge brings a thriving reputation to some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands and top global developers in a unique aesthetic language. The reason for the success is that they have a fascinating CEO of the world’s interior design ranking TOP100 boss.

Studio Munge創始人Alessandro Munge是《Contract》商業室內設計雜誌2018年年度最佳設計師,也是該獎項的第39位獲獎者。Studio Munge目前主要從事頂級酒店、餐廳、俱樂部及各種商業空間的設計,代表作包括:喬治亞瑰麗酒店、多倫多柏悅酒店、洛杉磯柏悅酒店、布魯克林的威廉·維爾酒店、多倫多的新比沙酒店等。

顏控和聲音控花痴小編被Alessandro Munge完完全全迷住了!英語一個字都聽不懂,居然以看視頻中的項目圖片為由,將視頻從頭到尾細細看了好幾遍。帥!

Studio Munge founder Alessandro Munge is the 2018 Designer of the Year in Business Interior Design magazine and the 39th winner of the award. Studio Munge currently specializes in the design of top hotels, restaurants, clubs and a variety of commercial spaces, including: Magnificent Georgia, Park Hyatt Toronto, Park Hyatt Los Angeles, Williamville Hotel in Brooklyn, New Bisashi Hotel in Toronto, and more.

Alessandro Munge was completely fascinated by the beauty control and voice control idiots! I can’t understand a word in English. I actually watched the video several times from beginning to end based on the picture of the project in the video. Handsome!

Alessandro Munge對「用戶體驗」永遠充滿熱情,他相信「滿足人們的好奇心」和「讓人們享受探索的過程」是創造有意義的空間的關鍵,因此,他結合了客戶的業務需求和無與倫比的設計解決方案,將情感、功能、人的意識與奢華的內部設計結合在一起,以一種「帶遊客在太空中進行情感旅行」的方式將故事帶入生活。

Alessandro Munge is always passionate about “user experience”. He believes that “meeting people’s curiosity” and “letting people enjoy the process of exploration” is the key to creating meaningful spaces. Therefore, he combines the business needs of customers with unparalleled design. The solution combines emotion, function, human consciousness and luxurious interior design to bring the story to life in a way that “travels travelers in space”.

Alessandro Munge和他的妻子Grace Zeppilli都是義大利裔加拿大人。Grace Zeppilli領導著她自己的藝術諮詢公司GZ International,該公司為Studio Munge的許多室內設計挑選藝術品,並與Studio Munge共用一間辦公室。這對夫婦一起沉浸在設計的世界中,同時撫養著兩個十幾歲的女兒。

Alessandro Munge and his wife Grace Zeppilli are both Italian Canadians. Grace Zeppilli leads her own art consultancy, GZ International, which selects artwork for many of Studio Munge’s interior designs and shares an office with Studio Munge. The couple were immersed in the world of design while raising two teenage daughters.

作為三個孩子中的老二,Alessandro Munge五歲前在義大利阿布魯佐地區的一個小鎮菲萊托度過,直到他的家人移民到多倫多。在加拿大,他的母親Nella經營著她自己的定製窗簾生意。在他十幾歲的時候,便開始為他母親的窗簾業務而奔波,擅長草圖繪製的他幫助母親分擔工作,後來也就慢慢地培養起自己對室內設計的興趣。Alessandro Munge回憶說:「母親是我的英雄!我看著一個女人努力白手起家,這在我心中創造了一種特殊的情感,一種設計與人之間的微妙聯繫。」

As the second child of three children, Alessandro Munge spent five years before Filoto, a small town in the Abruzzo region of Italy, until his family immigrated to Toronto. In Canada, his mother, Nella, runs her own custom curtain business. When he was a teenager, he began to run for his mother’s curtain business. He was good at sketching and helped his mother to share the work. Later, he slowly cultivated his interest in interior design. Alessandro Munge recalls: “Mother is my hero! I watched a woman struggle to start from scratch, which created a special emotion in my heart, a subtle connection between design and people.”

Alessandro Munge於1994年畢業於多倫多Ryerson大學,並獲得了室內設計學士學位。在學校的最後一個夏天,他在Yabu Pushelberg的多倫多設計公司實習,此公司由George Yabu和《Contract》雜誌2002年年度最佳設計師Glenn Pushelberg領導。畢業後,他繼續在這家公司工作,並深入學習了酒店的設計技巧。

Alessandro Munge graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. On the last summer of the school, he was intern at the Toronto Design Company in Yabu Pushelberg, led by George Yabu and “Contract” magazine’s 2002 designer Glenn Pushelberg. After graduating, he continued to work at the company and learned the design skills of the hotel.

但是Alessandro Munge渴望創造屬於他自己的內飾風格。1997年,他和Yabu Pushelberg的同事梁振英(Sia Leung)創辦了Munge Leung公司,該公司為被視為多倫多的「俱樂部之王」的墨克娛樂設計而名聲大噪。

But Alessandro Munge is eager to create his own interior style. In 1997, he and Yabu Pushelberg’s colleague Sia Leung founded Munge Leung, a company that was known for its design as the “king of the club” in Toronto.

自2015年夏天與梁振英分家以來,Alessandro Munge一直以Studio Munge的身份繼續經營下去。該工作室的員工從大約30人迅速增長到60人,並在加拿大和國外的大型項目中取得讓人矚目的成績。Alessandro Munge說:「對我來說,現在這個階段就像一塊空白的畫布。公司的業務正在高速發展,我在不停的進化。我覺得自己正在成長、爆發,在這個過程中,我又發現了更優秀的自己,這是我職業生涯中經歷過的最美好的時光。」

Since the separation of Liang Zhenying in the summer of 2015, Alessandro Munge has continued to operate as Studio Munge. The studio’s staff grew rapidly from approximately 30 to 60 and achieved impressive results in large projects in Canada and abroad. Alessandro Munge said: “For me, this stage is like a blank canvas. The company’s business is developing at a high speed, I am constantly evolving. I feel that I am growing up and breaking out. In the process, I found out again. A better self, this is the best time I have ever experienced in my career.”

2014年,Alessandro Munge在多倫多西北部的一個輕工業區購買了一棟占地1.5萬平方英尺的舊廠房。他故意將自己的辦公桌共享給工作室的其他人,因為他每天大部分的時間都是與工作人員一起度過的。他說:「對我來說,最好的解決方案就是團隊在我的身邊,就像我在我母親的工作檯邊上一樣。團隊就是我的能量來源,我以能量為食。」

"The team is my source of energy, I feed on energy"

- Alessandro Munge
In 2014, Alessandro Munge purchased an 15,000-square-foot facility in a light industrial area northwest of Toronto. He deliberately shared his desk with the rest of the studio because he spent most of his day with the staff. He said: “The best solution for me is that the team is by my side, just like I am at my mother’s workbench. The team is my source of energy, I feed on energy.”

2016年,Alessandro Munge的實踐轉變的一個重要例子是他在紐約的第一個項目:位於布魯克林威廉斯堡的威廉河谷酒店(The William Vale)。他說:「我們最初只是為了食物和飲料服務而進行面試,因為客戶已經有一位設計師來設計房間和公共場所。但是客戶被我們的設計敘述嚇了一大跳,結果,整個酒店都被我們搞定了」,其中包括Leuca餐廳,Westlight屋頂酒吧,所有的公共空間,以及183個客房和套房!

An important example of Alessandro Munge’s practice shift in 2016 was his first project in New York: The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He said: “We initially interviewed for food and beverage services because the customer already had a designer to design the room and public space. But the customer was shocked by our design narrative, and as a result, the entire hotel was us Get it done, including the Leuca restaurant, the Westlight rooftop bar, all the public spaces, and 183 rooms and suites!

Alessandro Munge喜歡將「素材板」擺成充滿情感的視覺效果。

Alessandro Munge likes to put the “material board” into an emotional visual effect.

他說:「我想了解這個項目,不是通過其他內部的圖像,而是通過虛幻的圖像,你必須深入到其中,以便從它們中提取一個設計。」「即使你可能不明白,也可能不相信,客人們還是會感覺到的。他們會知道什麼時候空間裡的東西感覺不對。」正是這樣的Alessandro Munge,勇於創新,勇於發現,一步一步堅定的走向成功。

He said: “I want to understand this project, not through other internal images, but through illusory images, you have to go deep into it to extract a design from them.” “Even if you may not understand, it is possible I don’t believe it, the guests will still feel it. They will know when the things in the space don’t feel right.” It is this kind of Alessandro Munge who is brave to innovate, dare to discover, and step by step to succeed.

DRAGONFLY 夜總會 坐標:尼亞加拉關鍵詞:東方神秘感
在尼亞加拉明亮的燈光和洶湧的海水中,DRAGONFLY在運用中國文化精髓的同時,保持著現代的審美情懷。Alessandro Munge說:「該場地提供了精緻和尖端的完美結合,有著對中國故宮的異國情調詮釋,有著複雜的細節和東方的神秘感。」

DRAGONFLY Nightclub Coordinates: Niagara Keywords: Eastern Mystery
In the bright lights and raging waters of Niagara, DRAGONFLY maintains modern aesthetics while applying the essence of Chinese culture. Alessandro Munge said: “The venue offers a perfect combination of sophistication and cutting-edge, with an exotic interpretation of the Forbidden City in China, with intricate details and oriental mystery.”

CLUNY位於多倫多的歷史酒館區,位於號稱多倫多歷史遺產的古德勒姆大廈內,體現了典型的法國小酒館風貌。Alessandro Munge通過創新和現代的設計方法,將酒廠的一座古老的「坦克屋」改造成了一場引人入勝的視覺盛宴,旨在向過去的傳統致敬。Studio Munge通過為特別定製而設立的FF&E部門,專門為CLUNY定製了配套的家具、藝術品和裝飾配件,以達到最佳的效果。

Located in the historic pub district of Toronto, CLUNY is housed in the Goodall Building, known as the historic heritage of Toronto, and reflects the typical French tavern. Through innovative and modern design methods, Alessandro Munge transforms an old “tank house” of the winery into a fascinating visual feast designed to pay tribute to past traditions. Studio Munge has customized the furniture, artwork and decorative accessories for CLUNY through the FF&E department set up for special customization to achieve the best results.

Alibi Ultra Lounge 酒吧 坐標:拉斯維加斯關鍵詞:老維加斯魅力
這個酒吧的中文翻譯是「不在場證明」,位於拉斯維加斯的阿里阿度假村賭場的中心。令人眼花繚亂的雞尾酒酒廊有著撲面而來的奢華與無窮的想像空間。值得注意的是,華麗的黃銅天花板提供了神秘的反射和獨特的視角,同時創造了一個開放式概念空間的視覺包圍感。Alibi Ultra Lounge給世界聞名的拉斯維加斯娛樂帶來了一種複雜而性感的體驗。優雅的裝飾讓人聯想到純粹而純正的老維加斯魅力。

Alibi Ultra Lounge Bar Coordinates: Las Vegas Keywords: Old Vegas Charm
The Chinese translation of this bar is “No Pass Certificate”, located in the heart of Las Vegas’ Aria Resort Casino. The dazzling cocktail lounge has a glimpse of luxury and endless imagination. It is worth noting that the gorgeous brass ceiling provides mysterious reflections and unique perspectives while creating a visual surround of an open concept space. The Alibi Ultra Lounge brings a sophisticated and sexy experience to the world-famous Las Vegas entertainment. The elegant decor is reminiscent of pure and pure old Vegas charm.

Botiglia Cucina Enoteca 餐廳坐標:拉斯維加斯關鍵詞:浪漫義大利鄉村風貌

綠色谷牧場宗派酒店的Botiglia Cucina Enoteca是一個清新的女性空間,靈感來自義大利鄉村絢麗的夏天。Studio Munge以傳統的義大利折中主義為靈感,在拉斯維加斯的喧囂中,引入了一種現代化的,從農場到餐桌的自然氛圍。走進這裡,就像走進了一個鄉村的義大利花園派對。

Botiglia Cucina Enoteca Restaurant Coordinates: Las Vegas Keywords: Romantic Italian Village
Botiglia Cucina Enoteca at the Green Valley Ranch Sect is a refreshing feminine space inspired by the beautiful summers of the Italian countryside. Inspired by traditional Italian eclecticism, Studio Munge introduces a modern, farm-to-table natural atmosphere in Las Vegas. Walking into it is like walking into a rural Italian garden party.


REBEL is rebellious. “I am awed by the decoration, lighting and layout of the nightclub. The laser lighting in the club has disappeared outside the world. We have never seen such a thing.” The guests who have been to REBEL have commented like this. . This revolutionary design combines stylish black and gold color schemes, contemporary animal prints and subversive graphics to create Toronto’s most exciting nightclub sensory journey, a new level of hedonism.The expansive LED walls illuminate the 45,000-square-foot adult playground and dramatically capture the skyline. Underneath the fascinating dance floor is an unparalleled 32-foot synchronized rotating lighting system that enchanted dancers sway with music.


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