The Most Beautifully Designed Bars in America

These bars don't just serve the best drinks—they do so in a space that's like no other

What any bar owner will tell you is that it’s not hard to make a drink. Rather, what’s difficult is cultivating an environment that embraces eye-catching design. When this design is done well, it sets the bar into an echelon of its own, bringing in locals and design lovers alike. Borrowing inspiration from eclectic pockets around the globe as well as the infusion of arts-oriented boutique hotels, these bars epitomize the fact that slipping into a lounge for a drink doesn’t have to be ordinary. Below, AD surveys the best-designed bar in every state, from Birmingham, Alabama, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What may surprise some readers is that the most beautiful spaces are not in the biggest cities (as some might expect), but rather, in such locales as Tulsa and Green Bay. Bottoms up!

Camden Cocktail Lounge at the PALMS Casino Resort (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Sin City’s bar scene is competitive—both for drinks and design. What makes Camden a showstopper is the design emanating from all corners, including the ceiling, with staggered pendant lighting. The monochromatic gold palette is easy on the eyes, too.


Kristine Hansen for Architectural Digest