Design Dialogues: A Studio Munge Technologist

Meet Ronnie & Bernie, some of the talented technologists whose work supports every designer's vision!

When did you join the Studio Munge team?

RONNIE: It was a head hunter that originally lead me to Studio Munge, but once I saw firm’s portfolio –  I was instantly impressed. With such a large scope of projects, it was amazing to see each one stand out. You could tell right away that these projects were magazine worthy. Anyone with a design background can see the studio is fearless; not afraid to express themselves, to be different, to be modern, and not tied to traditional expectations.

What first inspired you to pursue a career as a Technologist?

RONNIE: When I started my career in interior design, I was an Architect in the Philippines. Throughout my experience, I focused on drafting and drawings and was able to finesse my abilities in translating a designer’s ideas into accurate and precise drawing packages. I soon realized I was more fascinated with the technical aspects of design and understanding the inner-workings of how things are built – how it works.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

RONNIE: I would have to say investigating design solutions; it our job to maintain a designer’s vision in our practical working drawings. At times, you have to really analyze design details to ensure that they’ll function properly. For example, if a designer wants to have a bar top hang over by a certain amount, I need to ensure that it will be supported with the right proportions and dimensions.

BERNIE: As the Technical Team Director, the most interesting part of my role is unifying the skills of all our technologists as we form the highest quality of standards within our work. I really enjoy mentoring this team in becoming leaders in the industry.


Describe the top skills you need to be a successful Technologist?

RONNIE: A great technologist pairs their passion for design with an incredible eye for accuracy, precision – if a designer specs a mirror in a washroom we need to ensure that the measurements are correct so that everything fits seamlessly. And of course – you have to love what you do!

BERNIE: Being a critical thinker and a team player are also attributes a successful Technologist needs to thrive in our studio. We work with designers and project managers on a daily basis; you need to build great relationships with them while staying true to your responsibility to assess and question functionality. And of course you need to have the drive to produce work you can be proud of – contribute something to that big picture!

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