blogTo samples Bisha's modern oasis

Kost is the restaurant that sits atop the Bisha Hotel, 44 stories above the city. The Baja-inspired restaurant serves fresh, light dishes that match the breezy and luxurious surroundings here from an open kitchen.

The adjacent rooftop patio finds reclining pool chairs surrounding an oblong infinity pool, all with a jaw-dropping views of the CN Tower and the entire city.

The rooftop restaurant carries through the feel of the outdoors. It’s light and open with lovely wicker chairs and white couches surrounding tiled and wooden tables, with design by Studio Munge.

A peach salad casually tears fruit and chunks of burrata and combines them with pecans and basil dressed with a little Baja olive oil, a starter representing the Baja-inspired menu up here.

Tuna tartare is also available down in the lobby bar, an elegant but addictively munchable little snack that amps up the visual appeal with puffy black squid ink crackers you can use to scoop up the bright, acidic mixture of diced tuna and watermelon with pureed avocado.

A delicate filet of sea bream with a crispy skin floats atop a bed of pearly Israeli cous cous and a pool of green goddess dressing and roast tomato vinaigrette that provide both colour and creamy, zesty flavour to the plate along with roasted tomatoes on the vine for pop and moisture.

Roasted tofu provides a vegetarian option, blocks of relatively plain tofu enhanced by flavourful chanterelles and punchy cilantro charmoula.

A dry-aged striploin comes in an eight ounce cut with grilled broccolini and a wonderful little nest of fried sweet potato that provides crunch and sweetness along with a pickled chili salsa verde.

Tres leche cake with almond crumble, creamy ganache and sweet dulce de leche is topped with sinfully good toasted almond ice cream.

Everything about this coastal inspired restaurant in the sky feels like floating on air, even though you’re sitting atop floor after floor of world-class hotel rooms and residences.


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