Amazing staircase design from a staircase made of books to a sweeping marble structure

From hotels to galleries, offices to personal homes, staircases often occupy the most prominent positions in our spaces. A beautiful staircase can even be considered the architectural centrepiece of a project, moving far beyond its original, functional purpose.

There is plenty for architects to consider when they are designing staircases – the structures need to be practical and safe, as well as having style. Whether the end result is a modern staircase; an innovative structure; or a traditional, elegant stairway, a statement staircase can change the atmosphere of a room and bring a project to life.



A boutique, independent hotel in Brooklyn, The William Vale is home to a sophisticated white marble staircase. Situated in the Foyer, the hotel’s lower-level event room, the Italian marble floating staircase opens up into the lobby, and is reminiscent of the area’s industrial past. The contemporary staircase features a locally crafted metal handrail, and sits in front of whitewashed wooden walls.

"Emotive and dynamic, staircases are some of our favorite transitional spaces."

- Alessandro Munge
Discussing the staircase, Studio Munge said, “Emotive and dynamic, staircases are some of our favorite transitional spaces. At The William Vale, we wanted this functional element to become a destination and a most exciting feature connecting the lobby lounge to the lower level pre-function space. In a perfect symmetry, the marble steps cascade and create a graphic frame within which the site specific artwork – Mannahatta by Marela Zacarías, can organically evolve across two floors.”


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