The Unconventional

An experience to remember!

Bisha Hotel Toronto

Who does it: Andrea Melendez is the hotel’s on-site experience producer and the regional director of Ontario for Clefs d’Or Canada. Her extensive hospitality background and passion for people, travel and communication will ensure a memorable time.

The details: Bisha Hotel’s goal is to jolt guests out of their regular routine and inspire creativity. Their experience producer does just that. Before guests even arrive, Melendez will get to know them. This will allow her to properly anticipate needs, plan and create itineraries, as well as prepare any special requests, from surprise proposals to a VIP experience at a local concert, and everything in between. In addition to maintaining strong local relationships and providing world-class experiences in Toronto, she also has unbeatable access to coveted events, concerts and restaurants by INK Entertainment and ICONINK. All hail King Kabouth.


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