Well Being: Akira Back

Witness the evolution

Witness the evolution of Toronto’s dining scene as two industry leaders, Alessandro Munge and Chef Akira Back reveal the first Canadian location for the celebrity chef’s eponymous restaurant.

Emerging triumphantly among Toronto’s saturated Southeast Asian dining options, Michelin starred Chef Akira Back’s menu inspires both food critics and gastronomes alike delivering the brand’s most celebrated dishes including the fan favourite raw tuna pizza. His internationally acclaimed signature skill fuses Korean flavors in Japanese cuisine elevating the sophistication of every guest experience.

The entry leading into the second-floor restaurant is an extraordinary portal that ignites the imagination with stunning gold volumes. Guests are transported into Akira Back by an immersive sculptural staircase that mirrors a six- tiered ceiling structure with glowing cove lighting. Before revealing the restaurant’s enticingly intimate interiors, this vortex radiates with custom gold leaf textured surfaces.

Tactile finishes, abundant and unexpected, cohabitate in one holistic statement of textured carbon black tones executed in lavish materiality. Moving through the restaurant guests will discover moments of sensorial thoughtfulness as they touch the leathered belvedere marble tables, velvet upholstered bar stools and polished metal accents. Subtle nods to Japanese culture are present within the refined details. Guests are embraced by specialized Shou Sugi Ban inspired walls, a centuries old Japanese wood finishing technique. The torched wood infuses a soulfulness to the restaurant paying homage to the craftsmanship and dedication of his fellow sushi masters.

While the fortunate few dine on premium ingredients, Akira Back’s arched ceiling reveals a bold contrast to the dark interiors below. Leaning into the restaurant from the opposing black walls, an impactful hand painted mural illustrates abstract petals in shades of indigo with shimmering gold highlights. To honour the poetic bond between mother and child, a custom mobile waves through the ceiling showcasing original artwork painted by Akira’s mom.

Puncturing the depths of black textures, the destination sushi bar is a dazzling performance of technique and design. This final show stopping relief is illuminated by gold finished brass volumes extending from the floor-to-ceiling.

Complimenting Bisha’s diverse dining options; Akira Back delivers internationally renowned expertise to Toronto, immersing guests into a spectacular statement of luxury with every dish.

Akira Back memorializes traditional Japanese dining while reinventing a distinguished culinary experience.

Featured in Germany’s premier lifestyle magazine ROBERT’S