Archiboo Webdesign Awards

Our new website, developed in collaboration with the  Office/Bureau, has been shortlisted in the Archiboo Awards for Best Overall Experience, Best Home Page and Best Use of Technology! These specialized awards “celebrate architects and clients using the online space to communicate architecture in an interesting and accessible way.”

Stay tuned – the web design winners will be announced on September 19!


The newly designed Studio Munge website has revolutionized the interior design world. As an industry leader, Studio Munge’s pursuit of excellence has now surpassed the tangible realm, successfully propelling the firm into the digital world through an aesthetically stimulating and immersive experience.

Shortlist: Best Home Page

The new website is celebrated as a tool to best illustrate our abilities and to communicate our unique and bold brand personality. Designed as an entire ecosystem of design, the website showcases a full portfolio of projects, press, awards, as well as the studio’s ethos. To provide an immediate glance into the depth of relevant content, the home page features a curation of selected images/ articles from each section. The template communicates the brand’s dynamism while the traditional top navigation structure offers a seamless experience appealing to the audience’s wide range of demographics and their varying levels of technology comfort.

Shortlist: Best Use of Technology

Setting a new precedent within the industry, our website features elements that are unexpected among other platforms which are often formulaic in their execution. The first being the responsive portfolio; a creative use of technology which allows for an intelligent and dynamic sorting/ searching mechanism. This filtering system guides the experience through the portfolio. Visitors to the site are able to travel all around the world with a simple drop down menu detailing where are locations are; what type of projects they can see; the level of development (completion or incomplete).