Our Digital Vision Brought to Life

Thanks to our wonderful partners, our website is an exploration of our passion and dedication to interior design!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit one of Toronto-based interior design firm Studio Munge’s hotels, residences or restaurants, this site offers you the next best thing: an online extension of the work of founder and head designer Alessandro Munge and his team. Designed and developed by Toronto creative agency Office/Bureau in collaboration with Studio Munge’s director of marketing and communications Maxime Bocken, the interior design firm’s redesigned online platform reflects its growth and sophistication with photos and video content—the latter produced by the production company WYLDFYRE. A fresh, clean design communicates the brand and aesthetic while photography and videography do the heavy lifting. The site’s user interface encourages discovery without being obtuse; a traditional, top-down navigation lets visitors intuitively orient themselves to the site; and a powerful sorting and filtering system will grow and evolve with Studio Munge.


While the site’s back end is built in the WordPress CMS, Office/Bureau built the front end around a single-page application–like JavaScript app that connects to the WordPress REST API. A powerful set of custom-built administrative tools, called Libri, connects with Studio Munge’s massive vendor database and materials library. With Libri, the Studio Munge team can create journals and mood boards for use during project ideation and exploration.