Design Dialogues: GZ Art Co.

Meet Grace Zeppilli, the powerhouse behind GZ Art Co. curation!

As a curator, where does your process begin?

We like to begin with a narrative, a story that determines the reason why. To build it we ask ourselves many questions.  What is the story behind the space?  What is the journey that the designers have in mind for the customer? Who will be seeing the art?  How can we heighten the experience? We always think of the end consumer.

How does art and design live as one?

Good design breathes and makes you feel like the space just “gets you”; same with art, it should not feel forced or contrived but rather a natural segway – a compliment to the design fully integrated into the project.

Who influences you the most?

New emerging artists that are pushing the boundaries of the old guard.  They are experimenting with new materials, new technology, and new concepts.  I love how brave they are to put their work out there.  The courage to have your voice seen, judged and critiqued!  That encourages us to also step beyond the boundaries when selecting art for spaces.

What are your favourite pieces from your personal art collection?

One of the fortunate aspects of working with Alessandro is that we share a common passion for art and design.  We also agree on most of the art from our own personal collection.  One of the first great artists we started collecting is Kim Dorland. We were lucky to meet him at his Toronto studio before he became an international success.

As a curator how important is travelling to international art fairs?

Art fairs have become the new purveyors of taste, information overload on what’s new out there!  They are incredible opportunities for design and art lovers to oversee trends from a global perspective.  To touch, see, and learn about the artists is the next level of information gathering.


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