Design Dialogues: Project Management

Managing the integrity of our designs from start to finish, Jon and Stan explain their PM role at Studio Munge

What's it like to be part of Studio Munge's team?

S: For such a fast-growing company, there’s a great culture here that everyone appreciates. The energy and comradery within the studio feels like a family. With that kind of environment, work doesn’t feel like work per say. It feels like you’re accomplishing something bigger than you and that’s so satisfying.

J: To add to Stan’s points, one my favourite things about our studio is how much passion and talent everyone has. You can feel this contagious drive from everyone because they have a true belief in their projects. And in my perspective, these projects switch from being work into passion and personal dedication.

How does it feel to work with international brands?

S: Everyone in the studio gets an opportunity to work with top-tier brands and clients. These brands are setting standards within the world of hospitality. It’s an incredible feeling to have your work contribute to international projects of such a large scale. At Studio Munge, our work is appreciated by global leaders in the sector and we get to see those projects have an impact from Toronto to Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

It’s about global thinking and the idea of global design. We’re not stuck in a local box. Even our part in Toronto reaches a worldwide market. Just like Stan said, at Studio Munge we have these incredible projects in Canada, Asia, and the U.S. that have an influence across the world. It shows that your part, no matter how great or small, makes a difference in the master plan.

Do you become connected to your projects?

J: I specifically work on high-end residential projects, so there’s a lot of personal involvement with my clients.  As the project develops, our relationship and connection also grows. You become the point person, the hub of information for the client and designers, you do everything you can to make their dream home a reality.
To make sure this happens, our contribution as a project manager reaches beyond the actual design. It’s in applying our field experience and knowledge of past failures and successes, material specs and construction capabilities, to make our current projects that much better.

It’s so important to maintain a close relationship, and almost a partnership with the designers on your project as well. We have to preserve Alessandro’s vision while ensuring the client is satisfied, from a design, construction, and budgetary perspective.




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