USA | Las Vegas

Mijo Modern Mexican

Nestled within the newly unveiled Durango Resort and Casino, just off the vibrant Las Vegas strip, Mijo Modern Mexican Restaurant is an extraordinary culinary journey born from a harmonious collaboration between Station Casinos, operator Clique Hospitality, and the award-winning design collective Studio Munge.

Storytelling, Mijo beckons discerning locals and adventurous travellers, offering a fusion of exquisite cuisine and captivating aesthetics. An escape from the ordinary, Mijo provides a distinctive contrast to its surrounding neighbourhood, whisking patrons away to a Mexican paradise through a perfect blend of authentic flavours and ambience.

At the heart of Mijo's essence lies its meticulously crafted, elevated Mexican cuisine, pushing the boundaries of tradition. Simultaneously, its interior design narrative pays homage to tequila and the iconic agave plant, a cornerstone of Mexican culinary heritage. Drawing inspiration from the agave's form, colour, and texture, these elements seamlessly weave into the restaurant's layout and physical components. Inside, the ambience mirrors the botanical wonder, with metallic blue tones and textures reminiscent of agave fields.

As patrons explore the venue, they'll encounter several focal points and unique design elements. Inspired by the layers of a cut agave, the custom host stand takes centre stage with its solid wood craftsmanship. In the main dining room and bar lounge, a mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling bottle display shaped and tiered like an agave cone becomes an invitation to libation. Dark metal rods with blue beaded accents exude craftsmanship and authenticity. The bar's high gloss reeded ceramic tiles are graced with a Fusion Blue Quartzite top, elegantly illuminated by a circular coved ceiling. The layered plastered ceiling showcases raised painted petals, forming a botanical pattern reminiscent of iconic Clase Azul tequila bottles. Half-moon banquettes, adorned with rich velvet upholstery and bell-shaped ceramic pendants, provide a cosy atmosphere in front of hand-woven blue-stained wicker screens.

A multi-layered experience, the featured dining area's colour palette thoughtfully shifts from deep blues to warm beige and sandy hues reminiscent of traditional Mexican ceramics. The vaulted, tunnel-like design features romantic plaster finishes and flooring in a radial pattern. In its centre, under a grouping of 13 clay pendants ranging in size, a majestic ash wood round table accommodates eight guests, offering a sense of escapism and craftsmanship with its artful marquetry details.

A semi-private dining room, concealed behind a freestanding arched feature wall displaying intricate wood carvings, is lined with rich ashwood planks. It houses another bespoke wood table for 12 for celebratory gatherings.

The patio seamlessly extends the interior design, carrying the beige terracotta tiles inside out as an intimate outdoor oasis. Curved wood slat screens with a diamond-shaped pattern offer privacy and protection, while an 11-foot tall rope chandelier crafted from tied rope adds a lively touch to the space. On the patio, comfortable half-moon banquettes take centre stage, featuring leather piping detail and burnt terracotta leather slingbacks. Muted light silvery dusty grey-blue dining sofas offer additional seating. Nearby, a larger ten-person seating group boasts a ceramic tile tabletop with a storytelling mosaic pattern evoking artfully stitched textiles.