USA | Las Vegas

Wax Rabbit Speakeasy

Nestled within the recently unveiled Durango Casino and Resort, Wax Rabbit Speakeasy is brought to life by the visionary team at Station Casinos, Clique Hospitality and Studio Munge promising a unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking more than a culinary journey: an immersive, design-centric, refined experience that transcends expectations.

At the heart of Wax Rabbit Speakeasy's design narrative lies a captivating myth from Mexican folklore. It centres around "El Centzon Tōtōchtin," a group of 400 Divine Rabbits, offspring of Mayahuel, the goddess of the agave plant, and Patecatl, the god of Pulque—an ancient alcoholic beverage derived from agave sap. These rabbits roamed the land, revelling in lively gatherings while sharing the spirit of intoxication. As the legend goes, when indulging in agave spirits, the 400 Rabbits inhabit us all. This enchanting narrative is interwoven into every facet of the space, from décor to atmosphere.

From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted by intrigue, wonder, and the promise of discovery. The journey begins in the Mexican restaurant Mijo, passing through a terracotta brick hallway adorned with a marigold flower art installation. This transportive corridor guides patrons to the Tequila Cantina, a vault where private wooden liquor lockers line the walls from floor to ceiling. Here, guests can purchase and store their cherished bottles, identifying their treasure on bespoke nameplates.

Arched double-height mirrors on both sides of the room create an infinite reflection effect pierced by a bespoke luminous rabbit emblem. The wooden frame ceiling arches grandly, creating a tunnel-like vault of tequila. Concealed within this locker room is the entrance to Wax Rabbit Speakeasy. Art and accessories are thoughtfully integrated into the space, with rabbit artefacts strategically placed throughout, including the door handle of the speakeasy—where one must "find the right rabbit to pull" to enter this world of libation.

Upon discovering the correct rabbit, guests draw aside red velvet drapery to enter the speakeasy. In a dramatic signature statement, the walls are adorned with floor-to-ceiling red velvet drapery. At the same time, the floor features a custom, hand-tufted wool carpet with a mixture of cut, loop, tip shear, and carving details depicting whimsical patterns inspired by the Mexican folklore narrative. The comfortable mixed seating is exclusively upholstered in red velvet, including banquettes and central sofa groupings complemented with lounge ottomans and cosy tasselled pouffes. For lively entertainment, an intriguing see-through DJ booth displays stacks of vinyl records.

The bar boasts polished Napoleon Bordeaux marble on top and surrounds, nestled beneath a grand archway. The back bar is a marvel starring a high-gloss red tambour cladding. Luminous, red-tinted glass shelving, trimmed in metal, hosts a collection of speciality tequilas and obscure liquors displayed like precious jewels. The bar front is adorned with custom, slatted millwork, adding depth and texture to the storytelling venue.

A perimeter cove light softly illuminates the drapery while sixty-six hand-blown smoked glass vessels hang above the central sofa groupings. Their red tint and soft glow give the room an enchanting shimmer and artistry. Between the banquettes, delicate table lamps with red-tinted glass globes mirror the grandeur of the central ceiling installation, adding to the table-side ambience.

With its myriad of metaphoric details, Wax Rabbit Speakeasy is more than a venue; it's an immersive journey into a world of legend, craftsmanship, and enchantment. With each visit, guests embark on a sensory adventure where design, narrative, and exceptional service combine to create an unforgettable experience.