Full of custom made furnishings and lavish, tactile finishes, Bisha could be the city’s newest nightlife destination

Opened late last year, the boutique luxury hotel, Bisha, promises to be Toronto’s newest cultural hub. Designed by international design firm, Studio Munge, the hotel was imagined as a “haven of desire”; a projection into grandeur, stepping away from the trend of minimalist design.

With over 20 years’ experience bringing spaces to life for some of the world’s most iconic hospitality brands, Studio Munge are well placed to have created the stunning, bold interiors for the Bisha Hotel. Having established a reputation defining a ‘new era’ of luxury, Studio Munge is well-known for their use of tactile, layered and immersive design.

The Bisha Hotel is the perfect example of Studio Munge’s stunning work, borrowing inspiration from the project’s architecture and surrounding environment – Toronto’s entertainment district. Rejecting the preconceived notions of hospitality design, Studio Munge focused on creating a variety of indulgent spaces within the Bisha Hotel, where “more truly is more”.

The luxurious, sophisticated furnishings throughout the Bisha Hotel were custom-made designs, with the materials and surfaces being carefully picked by the Studio Munge team to create a tactile experience for the guests. The interiors were carefully curated to build the idea of a lavish lifestyle; layered, textured walls are intended to be leaned on, whilst velvet sofas welcome guests’ touch.

Within each of the guest rooms, the furnishings have been completed with a high-gloss lacquer; in the suites, a rotating TV stand doubles as a black chrome mirror when not in use. Deep sapphire blues and charcoals create a calm atmosphere within the guest rooms, with all rooms featuring large beds and an en suite bathroom with marble, heated floors.

Hoping to become the premium destination for Toronto’s nightlife, the Bisha Hotel extends its luxurious experiences with a sophisticated cocktail bar, a restaurant on the second floor and rooftop restaurant – all of which were designed by Studio Munge. The ground-floor cocktail bar, Mister C, was inspired by the intricate patterns of an Alexander McQueen dress, and welcomes guests with bespoke seating, vibrant emerald seating and dark, midnight finishes on the walls.

In contrast, the rooftop restaurant Kost has been imagined as a modern beach house; a marble bar sits against one wall in tropical shades of peach, ivory and lime. Wooden features and indoor plants add to the feeling of the beach house, with the light fittings above dangling as if from ropes. Floor-to-ceiling windows look over the Toronto skyline, and those guests needing to cool off can enjoy the Bisha’s rooftop pool.

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