Mister C

Beating life and lust into Toronto’s entertainment district, the Bisha hotel is the premium destination for inspired nightlife. Designed to host the city’s most lavish cocktail experiences yet, Studio Munge’s vision of seductive hospitality extends to Mister C. with a sultry yet sophisticated deviance. Inspired by the intricate patterns of an Alexander McQueen dress, the lobby bar will treat hotel guests and cosmopolitan urbanites to a sensual journey through elegant depths of lush materiality. Featuring striking and subtly integrated design details, the lounge is cloaked in rich midnight textures and custom furnishings. Where the inhibitions of the day are released and the moment of departure takes over, Mister C. signifies the leap into adventures yet to be told.

"A seductive combination of velvet walls and sleek furnishings complement the hotel’s mesmerizing artwork and distinctive atmosphere. Bisha sets the tone for ultimate sophistication that is both seen and felt throughout."

Welcome to the Bisha Hotel Toronto | Dolce