Canada | Halifax

BKS Speakeasy at Muir

Located on the third floor of Halifax’s first five-star hotel, BKS was imagined as a layered, effervescent, experiential journey. Catering to the local tastemaker and worldly traveller, the venue consists of a collection of antechambers connected by marble arches leading to a magnificent outdoor lounge framing spectacular ocean views.

Following the greeting, the guests will first experience an intimate barroom where unlacquered brass metal accents and stormy watery stone contrast the dark walnut stained wood-panelled walls. Deeper into the club, the rich espresso marble floor evolves into a sumptuous hand-tufted carpet exhibiting an emotive cobblestone relief pattern reminiscent of Halifax's oldest streets. Featuring soft contrasts and rounded corners on all furnishings and architectural details, the Speakeasy wraps guests with comfort and excitement in equal measure as they sit within private alcoves.

Following a whimsical design narrative, BSK’s outdoor lounge embodies the prow and forecastle deck of a ship. And so the quarters-like moody Speakeasy interiors open to a wonderfully scenic rooftop terrace featuring romantic landscaping, teak furnishings, black metal accents and fire tables all pointing to an open-air bar. Facing the historic Halifax waterfront, the destination is an incredibly picturesque viewpoint to sip on delectable cocktails and aged spirits while gazing out to sea and admire boats reaching port.

At the heart of Halifax's only five-star hotel, with its lavish design imagined by award-winning Alessandro Munge, rich materiality, dynamic layout and unforgettable views, BSK Speakeasy at Muir is bound to soon become a favourite within close circles.