MGM Resort Qingdao

Nestled between Ocean and Mountains, in the heart of China’s energetic city of Qingdao, an exceptional experience imagined by Studio Munge arises as a destination for those seeking the extraordinary and most memorable. Catering to the sophisticated traveller searching for pure entertainment, unique experiences and exquisite design, the MGM Qingdao Resort is a bold and energizing world inspired by the brand’s ethos, the rich local culture, and splendid natural wonders found nearby. Through soft organic curves, whimsical bespoke lighting and luxurious materials evoking ocean waves shimmering in the sun and other marvels, Studio Munge instantly immerses the guests in a world defined by artful dynamism and bold exuberance.

Arriving at the property, the guests will first discover the breathtaking grand foyer as an iconic defining moment, unleashing a sense of curiosity. Framed by majestic screens of undulating polished metal and opalescent glass that shimmer under a lavish crystal chandelier evoking a light rain, a sumptuous lounge overlooks an outdoor courtyard and its mesmerizing waterfall art installation. A giant curved screen displays contemporary art behind the polished metal reception desks welcoming guests with fluidity and dynamism while foreshadowing technology celebrated throughout the property as an exciting development for Humanity.

Designed following a unique narrative that infuses the hotel with a profound sense of place and meaningful authenticity, the luxurious guestrooms featuring gleaming reeded glass and ombré details come in two distinct colour schemes. The red palette beautifully represents Qingdao’s historic red clay roofs and the city’s memory. The soulful colour is expressed throughout various elements while luminous white, dusty pink and rose gold metal accents brighten the rooms with graceful charms. Complementing the light hardwood flooring, a custom area rug displays a faded pattern inspired by the overlapping traditional roof tiles.

On the other hand, the green scheme celebrates the surrounding nature and the Colour of Qingdao. The emerald shade enhances many details, such as the marble bathroom, upholstery and the custom area rug featuring an organic pattern inspired by the local cascading terraced fields. A carefully stitched piping detail on the leather upholstered headboards subtly evokes ship sails floating in the wind while artfully showcasing China’s incredible craftsmanship.

On the 28th floor, imagined as a sacred pavilion offering a moment of quiet respite, the executive lounge is a sophisticated retreat from the urban chaos designed to evoke an immediate sense of ease and privacy. In the exclusive venue, fluid organic shapes and intimate volumes elevate the peaceful symmetry. At the same time, a soothing tonal palette including dusky wood and pale taupe leathers complemented with grey stones and brushed champagne metal accents infuse the lounge with comfort and beauty in equal measures. Featuring multiple dining stations serving fresh fares and plenty of seating to chat, work and eat, the executive lounge is the perfect space to connect with colleagues, family and friends while admiring the incredible views over Qingdao.

Accessed on the 29th floor, the bi-level wellness centre Sho is a peaceful haven of serenity, allowing guests to rebalance their energies and connect with the present moment. The artful venue featuring grand motifs juxtaposed with delicate intimate details includes an awe-inspiring reception, a lovely wellness café, a refreshing infinity pool, steam rooms and sauna, an energizing gym featuring multiple studios, and a majestic sculptural staircase leading to various soothing treatment rooms. Showcasing the beauty of Qingdao’s natural resources, all artworks in the Spa & Wellness areas are thoughtfully curated to reference the riches of the seabed through pearlescent qualities, shell and coral-like forms, as well as the soft rippling of seawater.

In the MGM Grand Ballroom, imagined as a theatre for the most lavish celebrations, floor-to-ceiling curved LED screens wrap the chamber nestled between polished metal screens softly draping down. A playful lighting fixture inspired by flower fields in bloom joyfully dances across the ceiling, connecting handblown glass orbs and metal leaves in a whimsical fashion. The mesmerizing bespoke carpet framed by a white marble border features beautiful midnight blues softened by lighter shades in a fireworks pattern blossoming across the entire room.