Vie L’Ven

Along Sint Maarten’s sandy shores, quietly nestled in the lush terrain, arises a signature living experience that connects residents and nomadic travelers to what matters most through thoughtful design and outstanding service. Imagined and programmed as a heartfelt multilayered experience by Studio Munge in collaboration with HKS, the luxuriant landscaping, contemporary architecture, and interiors blend into a magnetic resort complementing the vibrant blue sky, the lush green, and the ocean-kissed sandy shores.

Inspired by the island’s cultural duality, Studio Munge’s design narrative depicts a touching love story between a lively, adventurous French woman and a more reserved Dutch gentleman merging European and local influences into a holistic storytelling experience. The synergies between the two characters, their courting, and how they balance each other are what guests and residents will discover throughout the property, subtly infused with cultural references.

This storyline, alongside a natural palette starring tactile stone and rich wood contrasting light plastered walls, results in a layered guest journey exuding authenticity, emotions and sophistication. Celebrating the site and its mesmerizing views, Vie L’Ven slowly reveals its charms as experiential, modern, and serene yet joyful and exciting when it needs to be, emphasizing craftsmanship and emotive textures. Sensorial and layered yet playfully curated, the resort evokes a sense of home and luxury while remaining practical for island living.

As an awe-inspiring first impression, the arrival experience stars a striking linear architecture framing a sculptural artwork by a renowned international artist. The reception also offers breathtaking views of the resort and Indigo Bay as a preface to the adventure ahead and an open invitation to exploration.

In the intimate checking vestibule and lobby lounge, a dynamic art program unfolds against a rich wood-panelled backdrop featuring intricate carved geometrical patterns while coral stone floors native to the island infuse authenticity and tactility to the resort. The reception rooms exude warmth and relaxed elegance, with cosy upholstery and plush pillows in light coral hues complementing the natural oak furnishings.

Descending the stairs and venturing towards the lower terrace, guests encounter a mesmerizing water feature before reaching the signature restaurant helmed by a famed celebrity chef. Nearby, a cocktail bar lounge exudes joy and authenticity inspired by the local guavaberry. The botanical wonder and its harvesting translate into a playful organic floor pattern, bespoke cement tiles, linen weave drapery, and rattan basket light fixtures, creating a uniquely artisanal and inviting atmosphere.

Gradually cascading towards the pool and ocean, a multi-levelled terrace unfolds, transitioning from Bordeaux red to coral in the cabanas and canary yellow by the pool. Relaxing lounge seating atop bespoke patterned rugs and eclectic sunshades integrate these vibrant colours seamlessly.

"Beyond a residential and hospitality development, Vie L’Ven resonates as an escape from the day-to-day, a sanctuary to reconnect with nature, yourself and loved ones. Even more than a grounding journey for individuals, the resort fosters a like-minded community that understands the importance of spending time together and seeking genuine human connections."

- Alessandro Munge

The spa and wellness centre, nestled within the resort's lush landscape, is an experiential sanctuary comprising connected pavilions. Celebrating nature and indoor-outdoor connections, appointed exterior treatment rooms lined with wood slats offer earthy respite. With expansive views over the wilderness, the nearby sauna and steam room pavilion is bathed in soft amber light, highlighting the curvilinear design.

On the second floor of the spa reception, the fitness room embraces a driftwood-inspired palette on lightly weathered wood planks, rope-wrapped pillars, and screens, evoking a grounding earthy atmosphere.

"Committed to delivering the highest design quality while being respectful of the captivating site, Studio Munge defines a multidimensional, layered, unpredictable signature experience that will set new standards for the region in the luxury residential and hospitality sector."

- Alessandro Munge

A retreat from social activities and a sanctuary of privacy, the luxurious suites boast playful patterns and woven textures, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Depending on the room color scheme, the predominantly cream-white palette is accented with coral orange or oceanic blue. Scalloped carved wood, hand-tufted rugs, and piping details add a refined touch, while a curated leather-paneled bespoke minibar and humidor elevate the guest experience with thoughtful hospitality.

"I'm genuinely proud and thrilled to witness our vision materialize on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten. My excitement stems not only from my confidence in the project's viability and design appeal but also from the belief that it will positively impact the local economy and bring a fresh dynamic to the island."

- Alessandro Munge