Constantine at The Anndore House

Constantine at The Anndore House is the newest concept from acclaimed local chef Craig Harding and prominent restaurateurs The Mercatto Group. Only steps away from Toronto’s sophisticated Yorkville and vibrant Church St., Studio Munge’s design narrative unfolds through an expressive curation of images portraying the adventures of a father and daughter. Constantine's open-kitchen is framed by wooden archways and ivory colour tiles complemented by both high and low custom dining seating. This refreshingly light materiality darkens into two intimate dining areas opposing one another along the sides of the restaurant. Encouraging guests to relax, engage and flourish amongst soulful touches and residential sensibilities, Constantine captures the authentic and familiar feeling of coming home.

"And though the dining room at Constantine is way nicer than any concievable apartment, there is something undeniably inviting about the layout..."

Natalia Manzocco for NOW Magazine