Los Angeles

Viewsite Drive Residence

Nestled atop the Hollywood Hills, this 4,400 square-foot residence benefits from a secluded site and unobstructed views of Los Angeles. The interiors maintain a neutral palette of exquisite building materials and richly textured furnishings that impart a retreat-like quality to the home. The open-concept living spaces feature sleek profiles that enhance the property’s architecture and offer clear views of the surrounding landscape vistas, harmonizing the exterior environment with the interiors to create a true modern respite.

Featuring full-height windows and a travertine patio, the distinction between outside and inside fades as walls become transparent and the outdoor spaces appear to extend into the indoor living areas. The use of floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the residence captures natural light during the day, transforming the interiors with the sun’s movement, enhancing the home’s natural patterns and textures and giving the space vibrancy.