Alessandro Munge

Blessed with an inquisitive nature and a fundamental drive to connect with people on the purest level, Alessandro Munge combines these traits with more than 20 years of experience in design to create spaces that deeply resonate. It was at a young age, while dreaming up his own creations for his mother’s drapery business, that he witnessed the power that design has to provoke profound emotion. Rapidly transcending his teenage sketches to become one of Canada’s most sought-after interior designer, Alessandro founded in 1997 award-winning Studio Munge resolute with a desire to reimagine the sector through concept-driven narratives.

“Our responsibility is to give unique design solutions that are right and relevant. There is no formula that will force us to do the same thing over and over because in my world I call that insanity.”

As a global design leader and the charismatic principal to a team of over fifty, Alessandro continues to rise and expand his skill set perfecting both design architecture and furniture design while strengthening his ties to a host of top-tier hospitality brands and clients.

Joy Chia

Director of Operations

It was through her love and appreciation for culture, architecture and the fine arts that first drew Joy to the world of design. As our Director of Operations, she finds the perfect balance between understanding the human aspect of architecture and the analytical business of design. Attributing to her success at Studio Munge, Joy completed a degree in both architecture and economics from the University of Toronto. A witness to the growth and capabilities of our dynamic team, Joy has dedicated 15 years of her career to guiding our future through her business knowledge and expertise.

“Even in my 15th year, I learn something new every day. It’s amazing to see the incredible new opportunities that arise and endless possibilities our studio can explore.”

While always providing the highest level of customer service and managing client relationships, her role has evolved to also overseeing the administration and finance departments while ensuring a sense of unity within Studio Munge.

Maxime Bocken

Director of Marketing and Communications

With over a decade of experience in the international fashion industry and a background in Architecture and Fine Arts, Maxime brings a fresh global perspective to Studio Munge. As Director of Marketing and Communications, Maxime spearheads our business development and marketing initiatives with passion and creativity by infusing philosophical and practical methodologies to his strategies. He believes that great design merges extraordinary user experience and innovative treatments within a viable business model and framework. A published and internationally exhibited photographer, Maxime applies a minimalist approach to his work and dedicates his time to fine tuning Studio Munge’s identity through new digital platforms and partner collaborations.

“Staying relevant means being aware of what is happening around you. It is the moment you are both introspective into questioning your environment, questioning the next generation, questioning your own work; but as well being proactive in making a change.”

Since joining in 2015, Maxime has launched Studio Munge to new heights of recognition and innovation, leading the firm’s rebranding initiatives and development of the firm’s digital presence.

Kristan Klassen

Procurement Manager

Throughout her career in New York and Toronto, Kristan offers 15 years of experience as an FF&E Designer and team lead. Her passion and dedication to design elevates projects to simultaneously exude luxury and comfort. As Studio Munge’s Procurement Manager, her expertise offers the combined insight into the design process and a complex understanding of procurement and purchasing. Essential to the success of high scale hospitality and residential projects, Kristan specializes in building and maintaining strong client and supplier relationships to ensure the design intent is actualized. To manage budgets and implement realistic scheduling timelines, Kristan applies her proficient problem-solving skills to every project. In addition, she works closely with the Designers in the development of prototyping to a guarantee that each custom design upholds Studio Munge’s dedication to excellence.

“Procurement is essential to completing any project. It merges the designer’s vision with the practicality of the end user and their daily needs. It’s so rewarding to see these two elements work seamlessly together.”

Grace Zeppilli

GZ International: Art Consultant

Collaborating with leading designers and artists on retail, corporate, hospitality and residential properties, Grace brings her inherent sense of style to each project she undertakes, enhancing the furnishings and finishings of a space with art and accessories to achieve a designer’s ultimate vision. Believing that ‘art is the soul of a room’, Grace works with both emerging and established artists to create environments that draw people in and evoke emotion.

Andrew Morson

Industrial Designer

As a multi-talented furniture maker, Andrew strives to design enduring, tactile, and high-quality pieces with maximum purpose and elegance. His expertise in craftsmanship is attributed to his years in woodworking, manipulating raw materials into refined form.

Bernie Young

Technical Team Director

Bernie brings over ten years of leadership and expertise to his role as Studio Munge’s Technical Team Director. Since 2014 Bernie has become an integral member of Studio Munge, relied on to develop, implement and manage our technical standards.

“A mentor once taught me there was no greater present than the gift of Knowledge. Every day is an opportunity to share information and make the world a better place.”

Taught to never be selfish with knowledge, Bernie shares his own with the studio in a plethora of ways including but not limited to AutoCAD functionality and reviewing drawing packages. Believing in the notion that form follows function, Bernie’s commitment to his team of six technologists ensures our residential and hospitality projects are executed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Boytcho Dinev

Project Manager

Boytcho is a reliable asset to his Project Management team offering over a decade of experience and a strong technical understanding to his projects. Inspired by art and literature, his most memorable projects include the Wheelock Property’s Island Residence and Kensington Hill in Hong Kong and the upcoming Shangri-La Nanning hotel.

Carly Zimmerman

Senior Designer

As a senior designer, Carly leads international projects from concept to construction focusing on client relationships, while maintaining the overall design and direction. From the energized Rebel nightclub to the luxury Park Hyatt Los Angeles Hotel & Residences her diverse talents make her an exceptional asset to her clients.

Eduardo Banares


With over 15 years experience as a Technologist; prior to joining Studio Munge, Eduardo lived in Japan for 6 years contributing to some of most iconic luxury hospitality and residential structures in the world including the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Emma Fried

GZ International: Assistant Art Consultant

Driven by a genuine love for contemporary art, Emma’s passion for her work is contagious as she curates expressive spaces for both luxury residential and hospitality projects. Previous to joining GZ International, she held positions in collections management at the Monash University Museum of Art, and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

Enrico Passeri

Industrial Designer

Hailing from Italy with over a decade of experience in furniture engineering, Enrico has mastered his design skills having worked with iconic brands such as Knoll and Cassina. His detailed and contemporary work reflects his ultramodern sources of inspiration. Enrico’s designs are celebrated throughout award-winning projects Borracha Mexican Cantina, Figo, and The William Vale.

Erika van der Pas


As a long-distance runner, Erika strives to push beyond limitations and explore the undiscovered. Through her analytical and purposeful design approach, she creates interiors that ignite the senses and inspire memorable experiences. Specializing in hospitality, Erika’s latest projects include Toronto’s Akira Back and the exciting new nightlife venues at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Janice Lam

Senior Designer

Janice offers a decade of international experience to Studio Munge and thrives in our collaborative environment while specializing in global large-scale hospitality projects. She strives to make impactful statements through her minimal approach to design, evident through her leadership in the award-winning The William Vale hotel.

Jieun Park


Ambitious Jieun joined our team after excelling as our Interior Design Intern. Inspired by her peers, she grows her design skills through the sharing of knowledge within her team.

Jonathan Alcorta

Project Manager

As a resourceful and committed Project Manager, Jonathan brings over a decade of expertise in residential and hospitality interiors to Studio Munge. His resourcefulness and creativity stem from trusting his instincts and exploring alternative measures when overcoming design challenges.

Justin Shih


Justin is an insightful and passionate designer who aims to create interiors for future generations to come. His designs are inspired by his peer’s unique stories through life, the expressive human experience. Justin’s work can be seen through our luxury residences, The Parkside Clubhouse and One Bedford.

Kardi Wong


Inspired by her adventures across Japan, Kardi brings an affinity for art and culture into our studio. Infusing every project with creativity and her exquisite technical skill, Kardi’s notable projects include the Tea House and King Blue residences in Toronto and the award-wining Borracha Mexican Cantina.

Kinan Debsie

Project Manager

Kinan specializes in building lasting client relationships and an ability to execute and communicate design concepts, a skill he attributes to his background as an Interior Designer. Passionate about personal health and exploring his own creativity, he begins every morning with a fiery workout and continues to master sketching talents through a personal collection of artwork.

KJay Choi


The fun-loving and talented K.Jay joins our team with an already accomplished portfolio. In addition to designing multiple luxury hotels in China, London, and L.A., he received the Gold Award in The Canadian Decorator’s Association Competition. His design ethos is strongly rooted in the belief that great design should be for living, not just for beauty.

Lisa Davis


Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels, covering 15 countries on 5 continents, Lisa is an accomplished and award-winning designer, having been named “Boutique 18 Up and Coming Designer of 2012” from Boutique Design Magazine. Prior to joining Studio Munge, she excelled at Hospitality Design in New York where she created international luxury hotels from Puerto Rico to Jakarta.

Litan Barua

Accounting Assistant

The highly organized and analytical Litan joins Studio Munge after working in Dubai for six years. While enjoying life’s simple pleasures, he ensures our accounts are prepared and managed with accuracy.

Lucas Stanois

Industrial Design

Inspired by the relationship between technology and design, Lucas joins our FF&E Team with a mechanical mind and a comprehensive understanding of furniture fabrication. As a designer, he aims to contribute his custom work in spaces that will guide the emotional human experience, as well as social behaviours, with a positive impact.

Lucie Chen


Fluent in English, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Lucie has extensive international experience in residential and hospitality design; contributing to Studio Munge projects across China. An admirer of illustrators Mattias Adolfsson and Rolf Schroeter, she continues to perfect her own drawings and fuse her creativity into her designs.

Maged Salib


Inspired by his colleagues, Maged enjoys creating spaces that relax yet invigorate the spirit, creating a backdrop for life’s special moments. Originally from Egypt, he constantly shifts his perspective to capture every possible angle of a space before putting forth a final product.

Martina Mitchell

Marketing Coordinator

With a penchant for big ideas, culture and the arts, Martina is an enthusiastic team player who values a collaborative work environment and applies creativity and resourcefulness to every project that comes her way.

Mehari Manna Seare

Senior Project Manager

As our most senior Project Manager, Mehari brings well over 20 years of professional experience to Studio Munge. Determined to implement and build one of a kind, detailed structures, Mehari ensures that our designs meet the proper mechanical, structural and electrical standards while maintaining the integrity of our design concepts.

“A successful project has to be functional, it has to evoke emotions, it has to be inspirations and multilayered.”

Originally from Eritrea, East Africa, Mehari has experienced many culturally rich communities having lived in 3 continents, and finally making Toronto his home. His influences, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs have taught him to persevere and tackle problems through meticulous consideration which he diligently applies to his work. Mehari has managed several notable projects, including the lavish Bisha Hotel, JW Marriott Parq Vancouver; a hotel and branded residences project for MGM in Dubai.

Michael Barba


Michael brings eight years of AutoCAD experience to his residential and hospitality projects. With his favourite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, in mind and an affinity for math and technology Michael has an innate ability for finding creative design solutions within his drawings.

Monika MacMillan

Executive Assistant

Dedicated to the future of hospitality, Monika joins Studio Munge following an eight-year tenure at HOK where she managed the firm’s strategic planning and financial vitality. As executive assistant to Principal, Alessandro Munge, she pairs her understanding of real estate with her comprehensive business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit

Paul Henderson

I.T. Manager

With a true appreciation for design, Paul values the opportunity he has, as our IT Manager, to enable our studio’s creativity through innovative tools, infrastructure, and IT systems.

Priscilla Lee


Priscilla sees every challenge as an exciting opportunity in which she can learn and grow from. She devotes herself to creating hospitality spaces that will evoke emotion and lasting memories with all who experience them.

Ragheed Nakkash


A passionate and reliable member of the Studio Munge team, Ragheed works diligently to produce drawings with the highest level of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. Most recently, Ragheed has contributed to internationally acclaimed The William Vale hotel.

Reid Chabot

Industrial Design

An ambitious Humber graduate, Reid revels within industrial design’s ideation process– transforming a modest idea into a sketch and finally a tactile furniture piece. Contributing to his highly adaptable nature, Reid surrounds himself with a diverse roster of inspiration, from Japanese culture, fashion, music and the success of his peers.

Riko Gunawan


Riko strives to bring sophistication and luxury into all of his designs. A trained pianist, he has an innate respect for classical artists such as Beethoven and Picasso who he believes put their heart and soul into their art – Riko aims to do the same.

Ronnie Jose


A minimalist who appreciates the beauty of clean and simple lines, Ronnie is a passionate technologist with over ten years of experience in luxury residential and hospitality projects. A fan of manga illustrators for their fine artistry and attention to detail, Ronnie hopes to one day visit Japan to experience the culture, history, and lifestyle.

Serena Byun


With an inquisitive and inspired design philosophy, Serena joins Studio Munge eager to contribute to the world of hospitality. As our new team member, she values the dichotomy between her design’s environment and the human interactions within them. In close collaboration with her Team Director, she is assisting the redesign of Park Hyatt Toronto.

Shelley Tang


Shelley’s interiors come to life through her creative and purposeful attention to detail as each intricate design element collectively forms an impactful and immersive experience. While contributing to the iconic Nobu Toronto residences and Canopy by Hilton, Shelley also leads the vibrant design of a new Tapas restaurant in the Distillery District.

Stan Sheruda

Project Manager

Attributed to his experience as a Senior Designer, Stan conquers every challenge with exceptional creativity and a comprehensive understanding of design and construction processes. At Studio Munge, he ensures all projects maintain the integrity of his team’s concept during construction. His notable projects include Rebel Nightclub, Canopy by Hilton and the Park Hyatt L.A.

Stephanie Kruschen

Intermediate FF&E Designer

Stephanie sees beyond fabrics and finishes; as an Intermediate Designer she takes a hands-on approach, in close collaboration with our Industrial Designers, to bring her unique concept-driven visions to life. A testament to her creativity and dedication, Stephanie’s FF&E accomplishments include Park Hyatt Toronto, NOBU and the award-winning William Vale hotel.

Susanna Rizzo


Inspired by art and travel, Susanna applies her appreciation for form and function to every project that comes her way. With over eight years of experience as a designer, she specializes in hospitality projects as shown in her recent accolades such as The Park Hyatt Hotel and Residences, 99 Yorkville, and the Bisha café, French Made.

Suzanne Drake

Studio Coordinator

An entrepreneur for over 20 years, Sue values the importance of customer service and has dedicated her career at Studio Munge to maintaining the highest level of rapport with everyone she interacts with. While managing the inner-workings of the studio with ease, she also ensures all our events and meetings run smoothly and effectively.

Tisha Dela Cuesta

Accounting Coordinator

An avid reader and baker, Tisha’s analytical mind and strong business acumen are relied on daily to manage deadlines.

Tracy Chan


With her charming nature and attuned senses, Tracy brings a humanistic approach to her designs. A certified yoga instructor and marathon runner she aims to find the balance between beauty and function.

Truong Ly

Senior Project Lead

Over the past decade, Truong has evolved from a Junior Designer to leading large scale projects and design teams as a Senior Project Lead. Specializing in creating immersive and emotive luxury hospitality and residential projects, he tenaciously and effectively stewards a team of ten ambitious designers.

“SM products have a lot of genuine integrity in them because they strive to be innovative. We don’t like to repeat, we always want to push the boundary and think outside the box; Create something new and provide a very refreshing experience.”

A historic architecture enthusiast, Truong hold a great appreciation for works such as the Vatican, home of ancient Roman sculptures and Renaissance frescoes – Truong also enjoys coastal Italian sights like the Positano for its nature and culture. Truong has led several notable residential and luxury hospitality projects, including several upscale developments in Hong Kong for Wheelock Properties and in Toronto for esteemed Canadian developers, including Cadillac Fairview, and Lanterra Developments.

Yuki Zhang

Senior Accountant

After receiving an MBA and CMA from McMaster University, Yuki has excelled in financial and management accounting over the past 10 years. Dedicated to overseeing Studio Munge’s growth, she specializes in making strategic business decisions informed by critical financial performance analysis, streamlining processes and producing accurate reporting in a timely manner.

Yuxing Zhang

Junior FF&E Designer

Prior to joining Studio Munge, Yuxing completed a Master’s Degree in Art History at the University of Toronto and flourished as a designer in Singapore and Philadelphia. She strives to find balance in her work, infusing the light with the dark, the traditional methods of the east with modern touches of the west.